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We help organizations navigate crisis and build resilient organizations that drive profit and advance impact.

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Right now, we face a perfect storm.

The Covid-19 pandemic and strong economic, social, and political headwinds challenge us as leaders to be better servants in our organizations and our communities. 


We need to be strong, adaptable and resilient to meet these challenges.

We need to continue to advance our mission, deliver results - to our customers, team and stakeholders - and build resiliency into our organization so we can adapt to the uncertainties that lie ahead. 

Our team at OmniKai can help.

You may be feeling overwhelmed, like you're constantly fighting fires yet barely keeping your head above water. 

If this sounds like you, we can help. We have guided leaders through crisis around the world. We understand what it takes. And we can help adapt to the changing world and build a resilient organization that drives revenue and advances impact. 



Alex P., COO

Joseph has that rare ability to zoom out, survey the whole field, make insightful, strategic decisions -- and then zoom in, executing that decision from start to finish. Then zoom back out, evaluate the progress, tweak the strategy, and zoom back in. He inspires everyone around him. Almost nobody can do this. For Joseph, it's second nature.

David, KUO, CEO

I worked with Joseph in Singapore where his inexhaustible stream of ideas enabled innovation to be the cornerstone of our operation in Asia. Joseph is a credit to the business world. He is a credit to the company. He is a credit to anyone who has a chance to work with him.

Simon E., Lead Advisor

Joseph is well-traveled and extremely culturally-aware, and brings an excellent big-picture perspective of how we can succeed globally. He is especially talented at visualizing higher-level growth opportunities, tactically coming up with a plan, and executing. Joseph has helped expand our operations in places like Singapore, Canada, and Latin America.

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